New Student Registration

If you and your family are new to our community, we welcome you to the district and look forward to enrolling your child or children into our schools! The following information will help you begin the online registration process and save time on your enrollment day.

You will be using the following online module to pre-register your student(s) in school. The information provided during this pre-registration process will become part of the student's official records and will be used for registration and educational planning. All information will be considered strictly confidential. Please note: If you already have a child who is currently enrolled in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District, please log into Skyward Family Access and click on the new Student Online Enrollment tab in order to enroll your child who will be new to the district.

Pre-Registration Information

Our online registration system will streamline and expedite the registration process by allowing families to enter state and locally mandated information about students from the comfort of their home. Pre-registration takes place entirely online using any computer with internet access.  Submitting the pre-registration information online does not guarantee your student has met the requirements for admittance to the School District.  After completing the pre-registration, your application will be submitted to the school secretary.  If there is information missing, the school secretary will reach out to you via email and let you know what is missing.  Once all documentation requirements are met, the school secretary will send an email letting you know your registration is complete. 

Only a natural parent or court appointed guardian living in the district and at the same residence as the student may enroll a student. You are legally obligated to provide accurate information. Any information deemed inaccurate could place you in jeopardy of legal action. It is your responsibility to maintain your password to New Student Online Enrollment in a secure manner. If your password is ever compromised it should be changed immediately.

Pre-Registration Required Documents

  • Student’s immunization records (If you do not have these records, please obtain a copy from your child’s doctor.)
  • Your child’s original birth record
  • Custody agreement/court order if parents are separated or divorced
  • Court ordered guardianship papers if the student resides with someone other than a natural parent
  • Academic records (transcript if grades 9-12; latest report card if grades 1-8)
  • Copy of IEP, 504 or Rtl (if applicable)
  • Parental proof of identity with current address (passport or photo ID)
  • Proof of Residency Deed or current lease and two of the following: Current utility bill, current credit card bill, tax statements, Department of Transportation driver's license or identification card, or vehicle registration with your current address.

*Expired documents will not be accepted.*

Scanned copies or photos of the required documents must then be uploaded. The preferred file formats are jpeg or pdf. Please do not take one picture of multiple pages in the same picture. If any information is missing, the school secretary will reach out to you via email. Once all of the documentation requirements are met, the school secretary will send an email confirming your completed registration.

Registration Contacts

Baldwin High School Theresa Maier 412-885-7500 x7012
McAnnulty Elementary School Beth Edwards 412-714-2020 x2021
Whitehall Elementary School Staci Zemaitis 412-885-7525 x4021
J.E. Harrison Education Center Jennifer Plinta 412-885-7530 x5021




Student Registration K-12

There are two steps in the Student Registration process. Both steps must be completed by the primary parent and/or legal guardian. If the individual registering the child is not the child’s parent, the adult registering the child must provide appropriate, legal documentation to show dependency or guardianship. Please note, we suggest that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as the internet browser that you use to complete this process. Google Chrome has provided some users with problems.

Online Registration
Fill out all information carefully, accurately and completely. Please be sure to click "Complete" after each step of the application. After all steps have been completed, you must click on the "Submit Application to District" button in order for your application to be processed.

Register your child/children online by clicking on the button below:

Click here to Register

Home Language Surveys

ALL newly registering students regardless of race, nationality, or language origin MUST complete this form. Federal law requires that all Local Education Agencies (LEAs) utilize a non-biased procedure for identifying which students are potential English Learners (ELs) in order to provide appropriate language instruction educational programs and services. Given this responsibility, LEAs have the right to ask for the information contained on this and other forms associated with the identification process.

Health Forms

Additional Registration Forms

Translated Information