R.A. Lutz Elementary School


Meet Our District’s Newest School: R. A. Lutz Elementary

"I am extremely grateful to the School Board of Directors for this unexpected decision. Serving the students, families, and community of Baldwin-Whitehall has been my great honor for more than 20 years. My hope is to ensure that Lutz Elementary will provide a welcoming, engaging, and enriching educational environment where learners from across our entire District will feel inspired and supported for many years to come." Dr. Randal A. Lutz

In August of 2023, the Baldwin-Whitehall School District will proudly unveil a brand new educational facility, R. A. Lutz Elementary School. This state-of-the-art building will incorporate industry-leading advancements in spatial, environmental, and technological design in order to provide our students in grades 3–5 with a truly unparalleled educational experience.

In with the New!

Lutz Elementary will replace W.R. Paynter Elementary School, which was originally built in 1969. Although Paynter has been a beloved school in our District for generations, its structure, layout, and amenities were no longer sufficient to meet the quickly-evolving needs of our elementary learners — or our equally fast-growing school population! 

With so many new families relocating to our District in recent years, the three grades served by Lutz Elementary are projected to have a total enrollment of 1200 students by the 2022-23 school year. We look forward to providing every one of our students with a unique, individualized, and unforgettable education in the halls and classrooms of Lutz Elementary!

Building Features

 The school’s many leading-edge amenities include:

• A vibrant main lobby with an accessible community room

• Grade-level classrooms arranged around an open courtyard

• Collaborative library space with exciting views to the east

• An interactive maker space connected to the library

• A spacious spectator gym

• A large cafeteria with multiple serving lines and a variety of food choices

• An elevated stage with access to both the gym and cafeteria

• Large open group learning and collaborative spaces for each grade level

• A safe rubberized outdoor play area

• An environmentally-friendly renewed grass play field

Remaining Project Timeline

Building construction is scheduled to begin on R. A. Lutz Elementary School in late 2021 and will continue through summer of 2023, when the currently vacant W. R. Paynter building will be demolished. Then, in August of 2023, the first classes of Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders will be welcomed to begin learning at R. A. Lutz Elementary School for the 2023-2024 school year!