Board of School Directors Overview

The Baldwin-Whitehall Board of School Directors and Administration work in partnership to provide a sound system of education in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District.

The Board of School Directors is made up of nine citizens elected to serve four-year terms. Pennsylvania law requires that board members be 18 years of age, live in the district at least one year, and not hold another public office. State law does not limit the number of terms a member may serve. School board members are not paid for their services to the community.

The local board sets policies within the framework of the state school code. In effect, the Board of School Directors is the legislative branch of the school district. It defines the policies, which are carried out by the school staff. All decisions must meet state standards.

The board meets on the first Wednesday of each month to discuss agenda items being considered for action. Regular board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. The meetings begin at 7:30 pm at the Administration office. The dates of any special meetings are posted at the administration office and published in local papers.

School Board President: Dr. Anthony DiCesaro,

School Board Secretary: Thea Hampsay,

District Solicitor: Weiss Burkardt Kramer, LLC

To send an email to the entire school board, you may use the following address: