Board Goals


Pillar 1: Student Growth and High Academic Achievement

  • Support the development and implement of a comprehensive plan that establishes a clear vision of student growth and achievement as the top priority of the school board, staff and community.

  • - Continue the 4 year technology plan.

    - Follow the new comprehensive plan to set future goals.

  • Continue to provide learning that addresses the needs of the 21st century learner through advancing transformational learning and innovation.

  • - Support the changes of flexible learning spaces.

    - Support changes to the curriculum to continue to provide more choices to students.

    Pillar 2: Human Resource Management

  • Support the human resource management and oversight department to recruit, develop, support and retain outstanding personnel across the school district.

  • - Work with the administration to provide fair but fiscally responsible contracts.

    - Continue to monitor the new human resource department to better meet the needs of the district.

  • Work with the solicitor to ensure district policies are up to date and meet the needs of the district.

  • - Support the new safety coordinator to continue to evaluate and improve district policies and procedures in regard to safety.

    - Continue to evaluate the changes to the school code and state mandates to improve the districts policies and procedures.

    Pillar 3: Operations & Financial Management

  • Support the completion of activities associated with the annual budget with an
  • emphasis on distribution of resources and directing the overall operational activities, in support of the District’s core mission of student growth and high academic achievement.

    - Continue to explore ways to improve the district budget while balancing the needs of the students and the community.

    - Continue to evaluate the needs of the district in regards to positions and personnel.

  • Continue to be maintain fiscal accountability through responsible budgetary
  • decisions while moving forward to improve learning spaces and updating of facilities.

    - Explore ways to use district finances in better ways to meet the needs of today’s learner.

    - Explore additional sources of revenue including grants.

    Pillar 4: Communication & Community Relations

  • Strengthen relationships with the staff and members of the community, clearly
  • articulating district goals and priorities, addressing local and broader issues affecting the District, and building support for District initiatives, programs and goals.

    - Be visible to staff to show support for their work.

    - Continue meet and greets and other public relation opportunities to provide a unified district.

  • Continue to improve public relations and marketing plans to engage all stake
  • holders.

    - Continue to explore ways to involve more of the community with the district.

    - Provide time during monthly meetings to have updates on the district communication plan.

    Pillar 5: Organizational Leadership

  • Support the creation of an environment of earned autonomy and empowered decision making through the implementation of organizational practices that blend the art of leadership and science of management to provide inspiration, objectives, operational oversight, and other administrative services in order to positively influence the climate and culture of the District.

  • - Continue to feature students and staff during school board meetings to help motivate them to reach higher goals.

    - Continue to review the administration’s organizational structure to best serve the district.

  • Work with the administration to continue to develop the curriculum process where by all curriculum areas are addressed each year to track and evaluate changes.

  • - Ask the administration provide a curriculum review report each year at the June board meeting to show changes that will be made for the following year.

    - Ask the administration to present to the board progress on major curriculum changes during January or February board meetings.

    Pillar 6: Professionalism

  • Model professional decision-making processes and ethical standards consistent with the values of Pennsylvania’s public education system as well as that of the local community to help set the standard for the district.

  • - As the board continues to change, provide learning opportunities to ensure an inclusive and respectful environment.

    - Continue to improve on board behavioral expectations during public meetings.

  • Continue to develop skills in teamwork, problem solving, and decision-making to advance the education throughout the district.

  • - Make sound decision for the district based on putting the students’ needs first.

    - Be open to changes in the educational structure to better meet the needs of the students.