About Us

Whitehall Elementary serves students grades two through five and is comprised of approximately 800 students. Currently, there are 30 homerooms, two learning support classrooms, one emotional support classroom, a gifted support classroom, two reading support classrooms, one and a half ESL classroom, and one speech and language classroom. In addition to the core academic subjects, students rotate through a six day schedule including: physical education/health, art, music, and computer.

At Whitehall, the staff implements developmentally appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of all students. Classroom teachers utilize various instructional strategies including: differentiated instruction, small group instruction, and whole-group instruction. Students, in turn, are afforded the opportunity to learn at their own individual levels.

Students are also afforded the opportunity to have personalized learning time three days per week during our C.L.U.B. Time. C.LU.B. stands for Choose, Learn, Understand, Belong. This is a time for individualized learning and voice and choice. 

This time is devoted to extending learning in a high interest environment, providing students with choice and empowerment, developing cross grade level relationships and fostering friendships with peers who have the same interests. 

During this time students can choose classes that are:

  • extensions or enrichments of the regular curriculum 

  • fun and engaging classes that apply skills across the curriculum

  • high interest classes of their choice

  • teaching 21st Century skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking

We are thrilled to offer our student this unique opportunity to personalize their learning.