Students Bring Ingenuity to Creation of Cardboard Arcade

The fifth-grade STEAM class recently invited second-grade homerooms to the Cardboard Arcade in the Library! Inspiration to make an arcade came from the video Caine's Arcade, where a nine year-old made games to play at his father’s retail shop.

The fifth-graders spent the last month researching, designing, and building a cardboard arcade game that can be played! After learning cardboard building techniques, the uses of different types of tape and lots of hot glue, the fifth graders had some very cool games! Some included: air hockey, basketball, horse racing, plinko, and skee ball!  

Excitement was in the air the day second-grade students and teachers tried out all of the games! Some games even came with prizes! Both grade levels of students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and fifth-grade was the inspiration for a couple of second-graders to develop their own arcade game at home!

Submitted by Kristy Frohliger