Be a Hero: A Kindness Superhero

Once a month, Whitehall second-graders work with their fifth-grade SOAR buddies to complete an activity. The fifth-graders have focused on helping second-grade students emphasize kindness and compassion, show respect, and start a Rachel's Challenge chain reaction.

February 12 (#beahero212) is a day when BHS teachers Mr. and Mrs. Fochtman ask as many people as possible to do a good dead and spread kindness in honor of their late son Logan. The February buddy-day activity focused on doing a kind deed and allowed second-graders to become Kindness Superheros. Each second-grader created a Kindness Superhero and then pledged to be kind to others through sharing, caring, treating others with respect, or complimenting others. Students had a great time creating their Kindness Superheros while remembering an important message—you are never too young to become a hero!