Students at Whitehall Elementary Take Learning Beyond Academics to Touch the Lives of Doctors, Nurses, and Children

When the younger brother of a Whitehall Students was undergoing treatment, students came up with a way to bring a positive distraction by giving him jobs involving acts of kindness each month. Since then the project has evolved into second-grade students' creating and sending special messages to staff and children at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Students created seasonally themed crafts with personalized messages.

Students also created fleece pillowcases for the children. Using donated, brightly designed fleece fabric, students at Baldwin High School sewed a heart-shaped patch containing an inspirational label onto each case. Second-grade students then excitedly tied each knot around the case, knowing that it was going to a special friend. The cases were packaged with a special message and student-created book titled Things That Make Me Smile!

Through the completion of this project, students were able to experience the meaning of compassion and empathy towards others. Regardless of age or situation, you can always make choices in life to positively impact others. A special thank-you to all who were able to donate supplies, time, and support in this continued journey of positivity! One student shared, "I learned that helping others is a nice thing to do, so it makes someone or you happy!" Another student reflected, "it was nice helping Children's Hospital because I want to be that kind of person!"