Whitehall Students Win Pittsburgh Penguins Holiday Card Contest

Rhinanna Lavelle (fifth grade) and Rhorie Cancilla (fourth grade) have been chosen as two of twelve winners in the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Holiday Card Art Contest. The girls showed great creativity when designing a holiday card around a Pittsburgh Penguins theme. Rhianna's card combined the Penguins logo with a candy cane hockey stick and a Santa hat inside of an ornament and proudly proclaims, "Peace, Love, and Penguins." Rhianna used detailed snowflakes to fill in the negative space. Rhorie's design revolved around Santa Claus changing his name to Stanley. She designed the Stanley cup to look like a Christmas tree. She drew penguins in hockey jerseys surrounding the tree, while a yellow-bearded Santa cheers in the background. The students worked on the cards in Mrs. Tortorice's art class and put in more time on the designs at home. Their designs will be displayed on the Pittsburgh Penguins website and social media platforms as well as be distributed as the official Penguins Holiday card. For their hard work, they will each receive three party-suite tickets to a Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey game in December. They will also receive 100 cards printed with their design.