Whitehall's Works of HeART

McAnnulty and Whitehall Elementary held another successful art fair and inspirations contest, with participation from every grade level K–5! The theme this year was "Innovation Through Recycling" and, boy, did the kids rise to that challenge. Students created sculptures and paintings and books and interactive designs, all showcasing what can be done with materials found around you. There were interactive stations ranging from crafting with the Baldwin Public Library to painting oversized canvases that will hang in both schools. The children did an amazing job demonstrating what creativity and innovation really look like. The MES and WES PTOs were honored to host this event.

It cannot go without mention the number of parental volunteers this event created, along with Baldwin High School students, showing up for their little Highlanders. There were almost 20 high-school volunteers present to paint faces and guide the kids through many arts-and-crafts activities throughout the night. The art teachers prepared hundreds of works that covered the halls and gym at Whitehall Elementary—the school has never looked better! It was a special treat for this year's Inspirations award ceremony when the winners in each category were announced by Principal Marsteller, Principal Wessel, and Assistant Principal Bielewicz. When the evening wrapped up, those who attended were left with tired smiles and paint-covered hands. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this event happen!