Life Skills Students Get Their Own Homeroom

Kids at Paynter are really great, and the kiddos in Ms. Brooks' fifth-grade room are some of the best! This year, several fifth-graders in the Life Skills classroom are participating with a homeroom of their very own for the first time. What makes their experience really special is the amount of support and encouragement that these kiddos have been getting from the kids in the regular education class. They worked really hard to make them feel safe and accepted early on in the school year and it has paid off. Their new friends get not only to spend time in homeroom, but get to eat lunch, go to specials, and attend all of the extra-curricular activities with them as well.

Another fabulous activity that Ms. Brooks' kids completed was during their Genius Time. They spent several blocks of this time taking turns building of a play kitchen for the life-skills room. This was a large undertaking to say the least! The kitchen came in lots of pieces in a huge, heavy box. The kids had to delegate responsibilities, use team work to lift and assemble the various components, and had to use real-world technical skills to use tools and follow the directions. The final product was an exact replica of a functioning kitchen that Ms. Brooks' kids then carted off and delivered to the life-skills room. The goal of this use of their time will hopefully bring happiness to some of our more challenged students, while teaching some of our other, more fortunate ones to embrace the diversity that exists, not only in our building, but in our community, as well.