Mrs. Sill and Mrs. Stebler Have New Roles at Paynter

Mrs. Sill and Mrs. Stebler love their new roles as Instructional Support Specialists (ISS) at Paynter Elementary School this year! Previously Paynter Elementary School was a Targeted-Assistance Title I School where students had to qualify for the Title I program to receive reading support. Now that Paynter Elementary has become a Schoolwide Title I School, all students can receive instruction and support from the ISS teachers in their own classroom as needed. Rather than pulling qualifying students into their classrooms, Mrs. Sill and Mrs. Stebler are coming into the classrooms to assist all students daily. This new approach serves students in a more comprehensive and seamless way. Principal Patricia Fusco shared, "we have hit the ground running and with the progress we have seen in such a short amount of time, I can hardly wait to see what we have accomplished throughout the rest of the year! I owe it all to my wonderful staff! They have embraced these changes and have worked so hard to make this transition smooth and flawless for the students."

This year, Mrs. Sill is pushing into classrooms in grades K–3 and Mrs. Stebler is pushing into classrooms in grades K, 2, and 4–5. When asked about the benefits of the new Schoolwide Title Program, Mrs. Sill said, "I am very excited to be pushing into classrooms this year so that I can help more students on a daily basis. I also like the fact that I am working right alongside of the classroom teacher with the grade-level curriculum rather than pulling students out to remediate reading skills using a separate curriculum. It just makes more sense and I am hoping to see more positive gains in reading." Mrs. Stebler said, "Students enjoy having two teachers during reading class in their own classroom. They can receive support at any time without having to qualify for support. This is a strength of our new program!"