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Paynter Elementary Instrumental Music Students Delight with Holiday Performances

The Paynter Elementary Instrumental Music students have been having a wonderful 2018–2019 school year! The orchestra program begins in third grade and the band program begins in fourth grade. There are currently over 200 students studying an instrument at PES! The Paynter music department would like to thank all of the parents and students involved for their continued support of the Baldwin-Whitehall music program.

On December 14th, the fourth- and fifth-grade combined orchestra students from Paynter were very excited to be a part of the Second-Annual Cookie Extravaganza. It was an honor to join the other District ensembles and perform for the senior citizens of the community. The students did a fantastic job!

On December 18th and 19th, the fifth grade band and orchestra students help spread some holiday cheer by performing in the PES lobby while students were entering the school. Students who performed in the lobby gave up their recess time in order to learn some extra music! Orchestra students worked on an Irish fiddle tune called "Britches Full Of Stitches" while the band students learned how to jazz up holidays classics like "Jingle Bells" and "Frosty, the Snowman!"

The fifth-grade band students did a fabulous job during their in school performance. They performed two challenging band arrangements called, "Winter Fun" and "Santa's Toy March."