PES Welcomes Two New ESL Teachers

There are two new English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers at Paynter Elementary this year. Mrs. Jamey Pryber (K–2) and Mrs. Kathleen Rock (3–5) are part of the pilot co-teaching model. This model collaborates and works with classroom teachers to meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs), allowing ELL students in grades 1–5 to stay in the classroom for support. These students will be immersed in the classroom culture with their peers to develop social language skills. Kindergarten ELL students will continue to join Mrs. Pryber for pull-out instruction as has been done in previous years. The ESL teachers will push into the classrooms to provide academic support.

This approach positively reframes the concept of co-teaching as the involvement of two trained individuals jointly working with a group of students in a common space toward shared goals.

Through the use of successful cooperative planning and organizational techniques, teams of classroom educators and ESL teachers not only discover how to improve their lesson delivery and differentiate instruction for ELLs, but also offer peer support to each other and engage in formal or informal mentoring and peer coaching arrangements.

Both ESL teachers are excited to be working closely with classroom teachers to maximize student growth for the ELLs served at Paynter. They are looking forward to a fantastic school year!