Students Build Outlandish Rube Goldberg Machines

It has been a busy year in fourth grade! During Language Arts, students have already completed their first writing week, wherein they focused on finding text evidence and restating questions. They have also been focusing on reading comprehension skills, including making inferences, comparing and contrasting, and identifying character, setting, and plot. In Math, students have been learning double-times-double multiplication, and will soon be jumping into long division! During Science, students have been exploring their unit on energy and motion! Hands-on labs and activities helped to bring the concepts to life.

One of the most exciting adventures so far this year was our Rube Goldberg project! During the newly integrated Genius Time, each fourth-grade class competed in the Children's Museum Matt's Maker Challenge, which required students to create a Rube Goldberg machine that could pop a balloon. A Rube Goldberg machine is a crazy contraption that accomplishes a simple task in the most complicated (and funniest) way possible! Every class had at least one successful machine, which means they are all invited to the Children's Museum for a field trip where they will visit a new exhibit focused on Rube Goldberg machines! The project gave students lots of time to be creative and focus on problem-solving and teamwork.