Students Learn Language Arts Skills Together

In an effort to integrate more general-education curriculum into the Paynter fifth-grade Learning Support (L.S.) ELA class, the L.S. students spent a week learning alongside their regular education peers. The lesson's focus was on writing. Writing is a skill that is hard to master for every student. By having the two teachers in the room at the same time, all students were given the extra support that is often required when composing their rough drafts. In addition, the combined class lesson provided the L.S. students the opportunity to experience greater instructional intensity and differentiated instruction within the regular class and to feel more connected with their peer group. The lesson appeared to be a success. The L.S. students produced higher-quality writing samples than they had previously this year. They also received practice in what their ELA co-taught classes will look like when they reach the middle school. The team plans on building upon this practice by repeating the combining of the classes later in the year.

Picture of Paynter fifth grade Learning Support Language Arts class