Who Stole Mr. E's Christmas Tree?

The small Christmas tree that sits atop Mr. E's desk glows with colorful ornaments and reminds the students that the holiday season is in full swing. Until it was kidnapped, or "treenapped!" Yes, one day when Mr. E came back to his classroom from lunch, his tree was gone! Someone left a letter stating that if Mr. E wanted to see his tree again, it was going to be up to his fifth-graders to save the day!

Around Mr. E's classroom were long division problems posted on the wall with a QR code next to them. The students had to answer each problem correctly. When they were finished answering a problem, they had to scan the QR code with their iPads. The QR code gave them a clue as to who the "treenapper" was. After completing their long division problems and analyzing the clues it was determined that the treenapper was MR. GEYER! Thanks to the hard work of the fifth-graders, Mr. E was able to get his Christmas tree back as they proved they were superior students at long division!